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Electronic Music


Dying Planet Suite: This 5 movement electronic suite is inspired by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos series. (Note The 5th movement is coming soon)
Check out the dynamic video’s of “Dying Planet Suite”

Enigma: As the name suggest, this piece seems to morph into different styles at will, defying categorisation.

Dreams 2005:  For this track I wanted to create different moods associated with a persons dreams. Happy times, childhood memories and mysterious journeys are just some of the things which reside within the unconscious mind.

By the River 2003: Picture a hot summers day by the river, sitting on a bench, watching time flow by. Listen to the rippling water and sounds of birds.  

Satellites (2003): This piece is about the exploration of space and is intended as a correlative to Red Giant. It is influenced by the celestial bodies that orbit the earth and the neighbouring planets. This track can be viewed in two halves:

The first half starts with a simple major key rhodes piano riff which is naïve in nature. In the second half the piano starts a new theme in a minor key which is later joined by a synth which plays a haunting melodic counterpoint  

Blackmail: (2002): This was my first attempt at writing electronic music and also my first recognised composition. The threatening atmosphere is achieved through using the ‘diablo en music’ the interval of a diminished 5th.

Red Giant(2003): This composition was inspired by the Apollo 11 moon landings. In the middle of completing this composition, I was alerted to the sad news of the Columbia shuttle crash. I dedicate this piece to those astronauts who lost their lives, and to the achievements man has made in space travel and the pursuit of scientific endeavour.

Terracota (2002): A very early piece written around the same time as Blackmail. This composition contains jazz, funk and blues influences. 

November Moon: This piece blends classical instrumentation with trip-hop rhythms.

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