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Hang Out Your Soul - Lyrics

Verse 1

Take what you want and leave the rest
'cause that's all that you ever do
The lies you spin will find you out
‘cause the truth matters more than you, will know

Verse 2

Life is a drag when you got it all
but you know that the feelings gone
Life and soul of the golden years
looking back where did it go wrong, for you


Hang your soul out to dry

Verse 3

That thrill that you got when you were young
has been lost in your older years
All of the one's that you once loved have now
been drowned in your bitter tears, by you

Verse 4

The prize of your pride don't mean that much
 when your still dwelling on the past
All of the joys those days would bring
now you know that it wouldn't last, don't you

Bridge 2

Hang your soul out to dry

Sell your soul out for lies

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