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Piano Music
performed by
Roberta Wolff


Song for Jack and Ethan: Recollections of fond childhood memories about the naïve joys and untainted innocence of youth.

Scene from a Dusty Postcard: This composition reflects my interest in Impressionist Music. Main influences here are Ravel and Debussy. Sometimes a simple picture can bring back so many memories and emotions.

Icarus: Recalling life’s journey. But that which rises must inevitably descend back down to earth, as we realise our mortality.

Fields of Snow: This composition is also inspired by impressionism. Slow and sparse in nature to recall the winter months; this is a further reflection on childhood memories.

Transformation (Transformers Theme): This track uses the transformers theme to illustrate a change of direction in one's life.

This track represents a passionate longing for times gone by.

Stranger at the Door: Reflections on uncertainty. Unremitting thoughts about  the mysteries of life and the perils of the unknown. But who really is the stranger at the door? Is he real, or just an illusion... (The Listeners – Walter de la Mare)

Song for Maria: A short piano piece written in memory of my Nan. Reflecting on the loss of loved ones.

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